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Rates for Nonfiction Writers and Graduate Students


Pricing for Nonfiction Writers

 Developmental Editing:  $125 per hour 

Line Edit: $125 per hour (this will include proofreading.)

When you email me for a quote, you will receive a contract where all terms are stipulated fully. This ensures that we can work together in as equitable a manner as possible, with clear expectations on both sides and no misunderstandings or surprises. 

I expect a 50% down payment on work of at least 5000 words and the final 50% within 3 business days prior to your stipulated deadline.  

If your project is a longer project (i.e., a book) that involves weekly work, you will be charged per week. But I will always find a way to save you money. 

Zoom meetings or phone calls will be priced in as well if you find them necessary. These are also $100 per hour--except for the preliminary meeting which is free of charge.

Note that developmental and line editing work does NOT include fact-checking, footnotes, endnotes, or bibliography: although these can be added under separate contracts and payments. 

My optimum pace is 50,000 words a week. Rush jobs will cost more: please contact me if you need a turnaround time that is less than a week for manuscripts over 50,000 words.  

For now, I accept payments through Paypal. 

Graduate Student Rates

Developmental Editing: $75 per hour.  

Line Edit:  $75 per hour (This includes proofreading.)

Please submit proof of undergraduate or graduate student status. See rules above for nonfiction writers for contract and payment instructions. 


Writing Consultancy Rates

 Hourly rate : $125

Obviously, longer texts--or texts that are more problematic--require more time. Most assessments and detailed editing of college application essays or other shorter texts (e.g., short essays, blogs, promo materials, etc.) are estimated to take roughly 2 to 3 hours in any one week. This assessment can be followed by a phone or Zoom chat. 

Payment is expected within a day after the receipt of edited texts. 

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