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"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." 
Oscar Wilde

Let's reach for the stars together!


Oscar Wilde is said to have declared in a conversation that he had "the simplest tastes." And that he was "always satisfied with the best." As a perfectionist, I've often felt the same way.  


Finding that right editor can be a hurdle in itself--especially if you’re an academic or nonfiction writer. That’s because not all editors have the preferred experience as published authors, even those working at 

reputable agencies or services. They may not be fully acquainted with the challenges involved in submitting an article for a blind, peer-reviewed journal or a book proposal that receives at least four separate internal peer reviews: let alone the experience of composing the actual book manuscript! Nor might the hypothetical editor be personally familiar with the process that follows after the entire manuscript is submitted to the editor, from a new round of internal peer reviews to revisions and final submission. The fact is that it pays to have an editor with personal book and journal publishing experience--and years of editing practice. Experience does matter!

As an Oxford-educated academic, published book author, and editor who’s been on both sides of the fence, I am especially well equipped to help you complete your dissertation, publish an article for a peer-reviewed journal, write your book proposal or your nonfiction book. Since I’ve been peer reviewed while also performing peer reviews for literature, history, and political science journals, I know the expectations for publication. I know what it’s like to struggle under deadlines. And what it’s like to get great--and sometimes not-so-great--reports from peer reviewers. How do you deal with praise and criticism, particularly when they appear to be contradictory? 

So don't continue to waste untold time revising fruitlessly! As a developmental editor, I can help you navigate through the organization and structuring of your manuscript, whether it's the entire book or an individual chapter. I can also help you craft a more persuasive argument and tighten your prose. As a line editor, I can help you write more fluently, correcting errors in grammar, syntax, and words, making your sentences sparkle. And finally, as a proofreader, I can ensure that your manuscript is free of misspellings, punctuation errors and typos.

Since time has never been more valuable when we are bombarded 24/7 by multiple expectations in our professional and personal lives, my guidance will shorten the time you need to complete your article, chapter, dissertation, or book and bring you that much closer to fulfilling your wildest dreams of publication! 


Tools of the Trade

Developmental and Line Editor

Developmental editors help writers assess the overall structure of their manuscript, making sure that "the big picture" is both coherent and cogent--and that it conforms to industry standards and expectations. 

Line editors, on the other hand, attend to more local matters, scrutinizing a manuscript line by line, fixing faulty grammar, syntax, and word choice while always ensuring that sentences flow smoothly.  


Proofreading is normally done towards the very end of the writing process: after a writer has figured out an argument and completed something close to a final draft. This is where it helps to have an extra pair of eyes to catch misspellings, faulty punctuation, and typos. 


Writing Consultant and Tutor

Perhaps you don't necessarily want to publish right now but just want to improve your writing so you can begin blogging. Or perhaps you want to promote your business. Maybe you have a child in high school or college who needs assistance in writing college application essays or term papers. I can guide you (or your child) every step of the way, from simple outline to polished blog, promotional materials, or essay. 

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